Tesla Awarded Samsung with Contract for Supply of Camera Modules

Tesla Awarded Samsung with Contract for Supply of Camera Modules

Samsung has become one of Tesla's key suppliers. After the company won the contract to supply chips, the Korean manufacturer signed a contract to supply camera modules.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. won another victory. After being awarded a contract to supply chips, the company will now also supply the Texas-based manufacturer with camera modules. The contract will further strengthen the “future automotive collaboration” between Samsung and Tesla, according to a statement from the Korean conglomerate.

“We have signed a contract to supply camera modules to the US automaker. The quantity and amount of supply have not been determined,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics stated in a public announcement on Monday.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to supply camera modules for the entire Tesla lineup: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, as well as Cybertruck. The company is expected to supply Tesla with ultra-high-definition camera modules with over 5 million pixels.


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A car-mounted camera module is a part that captures traffic signals, signs, and obstacles, and sends them to the autonomous driving chip that serves as the brain of the electric car. There they are processed and the car "makes a decision” about how it should behave in a given situation.

With this order, Samsung Electro-Mechanics became a key supplier of Tesla components. The company was looking for a supplier that could provide the maximum performance enhancement of the EV camera module that will be released in the future.

It is expected that the further strengthening of cooperation between Samsung and Tesla will continue. Samsung Electronics' foundry division will put more than half of Tesla's next-generation HW5.0 offline chip into production.